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Vivitek a leading manufacturer of visual display and presentation products offers extensive projectors line-up for Large Venue, Education, Meeting Rooms and Home Cinema.

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Vivitek’s Novo Ecosystem is the most comprehensive choice for Wireless Collaboration
& Digital Signage

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If you want to integrate wireless sharing into ANY display and ANY ROOM by ANYONE, there’s only one way to do it - with Vivitek’s NovoConnect. Simple. Guaranteed.

In today’s fast-paced world information and ideas need to be shared effortlessly and decisions must be made quickly. With NovoConnect wireless presentation Ecosystem that works everywhere, it has never been easier. Share your screen, present the content to a wider audience and collaborate with your team at the same time. Make your meeting more dynamic and enhance interaction!

Novo Ecosystem is designed for large format display devices to effortlessly combine Wireless Collaboration and Digital Signage functionalities. It is a comprehensive product line dedicated for any type of visual communication – be it a meeting, digital signage or both! Perfect for business or education, the Novo Ecosystem is a flexible and scalable solution that will wow you with its convenience and ease of use. Simple. Guaranteed.

The Novo Ecosystem is a solution based on four guaranteed principles

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easy to set up, easy to use


world-class security system


effortless integration with existing network


remote management of all devices

The product line offers the NovoConnect Add-On and All-in-One display devices, as well as a full line of NovoDS Digital Signage solutions. Whether it’s a huddle mid-sized room, a conference lobby or a public area, it can and will enhance all your visual communication.

Wireless Collaboration

For those who already have a screen or a projector and wish to upgrade existing infrastructure with Wireless Collaboration for screen sharing, presenting and collaborating.

All-in-One Solution

A range of fully sufficient display devices integrating Wireless Collaboration and Digital Signage.

NovoConnect Launcher

The plug-and-play Launchers will establish an instant wireless connection to the NovoConnect Add-On or All-in-One devices without any software installation.

Digital Signage Player

The Add-On models are ideal for to be integrated into the existing infrastructure. Easy to use, the Digital Signage Solution is perfect for creating dynamic visual displays in any corporate or public spaces.

Forget about messy cables, many devices to connect together, installation hassle or high maintenance costs and head towards the best investment choice there is.

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