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5 reasons why NovoConnect is a must-have for your company in the BYOD era

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) – it just feels natural for many of us to use our mobile devices to do it all – from personal to business and everything in between. For companies, although it’s a trend they’re steadily getting on board with (BYOD market to be valued at $ 366.95 Billion by 2022, per research by Global Market Insights, Inc.)1, it poses an added challenge in more ways than one. From connectivity to security, companies need to quickly adapt to respond to this BYOD challenge, especially considering the benefits it can bring in creating a ‘touchless’ meeting environment.

When it comes to meetings in the BYOD era, the answer is simple – your company needs a NovoConnect solution. Not to only try and accommodate the new trend – oh no, to truly embrace it, and with it, unleash the true potential of your meetings2. The NovoConnect family of flexible wireless collaboration solutions can be adapted to any corporate get-together, be it a small team huddle, a client presentation or a large gathering, and offers not only seamless connectivity for any device but also opens new collaboration opportunities that truly elevate any meeting. Below, I break down the five most important reasons why NovoConnect is a must-have for your company. Spoiler alert – your IT guys will love it too.


1. Efficient internal meetings

Recently, Doodle, an online scheduling service, released “Q2 2020 State of Meetings report” – a study of more than 30 million meetings booked worldwide. Inefficient company meetings cost U.S. companies almost $ 400 billion, and they’re not a crowd-pleaser either, with 44 percent of respondents blaming poorly organized meetings for lack of time to do their work3.

The 2019 report did point to several things as keys to successful meetings, one of which was the use of visual aids (videos/presentations), while the 2020 report of course showed a surge in virtual remote meetings during Covid-19 restrictions  A NovoConnect solution makes visual presenting not just easy, but also genuinely engaging, even with team members being remote and on-site (while on the same network). Imagine that anyone can share up to 4 screens from any device with up to 64 participants. Or that 64 people can all get connected and start a meeting in seconds. All standard with NovoConnect.


2. Productive and successful business meetings

Whether you’re pitching a project to your client and looking to close the deal or have a sit-down with your agency working out the details of a new campaign, the facilitating technology can go a long way in delivering the desired outcome. That’s why you should accommodate your guests with a solution that engages and allows them to share information and express themselves effortlessly using their devices.

NovoConnect gets you there and more. Every NovoConnect presentation turns a monologue into an engaging exchange that shifts the dynamics of any pitch into a more collaborative experience, hence creating a rapport that can only help your cause.


3. Secured data

This is a sensitive topic for companies when it comes to BYOD, but where meetings are concerned, again NovoConnect has it covered. All NovoConnect solutions are secure, offering AES-256 encryption, PIN-protected access, and other security features that make sure your business data remains safe and for-intended-eyes only.

If you’re running Fort Knox or something with similar security restrictions, rest assured, the dual network capability provides additional security with separate LAN for employee and WiFi access for guest connections. In addition to this, the guest access can be made easy with the new LauncherPlus and the LauncherOne, which is fully DLP compliant (for locked USB ports) meet even the most stringent security standards.


4. Minimal IT support

One of the best things about NovoConnect is that it doesn’t really need IT support – it’s all intuitive. If you’re in a large corporation and have several NovoConnect units, the IT administrator can update and manage them all in one shot with the Remote Manager.

The times when your IT staff fumbled with cables just to get a meeting started are gone and never coming back. Trust me, they don’t miss them either.


5. State-of-the-art meeting solution

Wireless, seamless connectivity is nowadays just the start. The end users also expect technology to facilitate true collaboration where the moderator and attendees all share and participate by, for example, annotating content, in real time.

NovoConnect does all that as it helps companies and schools further streamline their creative efforts, boosting the process of collaboration and innovation. This is what presenting ideas looks like in the 21st century – don’t get left behind.

Power your meeting with NovoConnect – contact us on https://novoconnect.eu/contact-us/ and our sales staff will gladly demo the right solution for you.

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