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NovoStage is the Wireless Collaboration Software for Windows Users

NovoStage software will turn any Windows device into a collaboration platform that allows multiple screens presenting to the main display. It is ideal for information sharing and creates a collaborative meeting environment by combining video conferencing  and content from Windows computers, tablets or smartphones. NovoStage is an agnostic platform that provides support for all operating systems and facilitates a full BYOD!

Install - Connect - Show

NovoStage facilitate the wireless sharing of multiple devices’ screens concurrently ranging from Zoom meetings and content from Windows Computers and iPads, NovoStage presents all the screens simultaneously on the main display.

NovoStage facilitates BYOD enabling users to connect instantly and share up to four devices and their content.

Video Conferencing

Windows Computer

Tablet and Smartphone

Connect to NovoStage in one of four ways.


USB Plug-and-play devices

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Web portal


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NovoStage works with any Windows™ based device.

NovoStage in Use

NovoStage is ideal for information and idea sharing in meetings, lessons and training sessions, it drives new levels of productivity and collaboration.


Create a collaborative meeting environment with any Windows-based displays. The NovoTouch Panels, in the Windows OPS environment, can now be transformed into a wireless collaboration environment using NovoStage. For more informal brainstorming, NovoStage can also be installed on the meeting host laptop for collaboration on the fly!


NovoStage is a great asset to the education environment, it is compatible with learning management software like Google G-suite or Blackboard. Any display equipped with an OPS slot can be turned into a collaborative panel and give students the opportunity to participate in a discussion by sharing their device.


NovoStage makes live hybrid workshops a reality. A camera on any device can be connected to NovoStage, and screen sharing participants can view the shared camera. This setup is ideal for live and hybrid seminars, workshops and virtual product demonstrations, where the meeting host is a moderator and controls the content that is displayed via NovoStage.

NovoStage Functions and Features

Wireless content sharing from
laptop and mobile devices

Up to 4 participants can be
connected simultaneously

Floating screen with quick layouts

Instant 4K screen mirroring

Connections through NovoConnect
App, Software, web portal
or Airplay®

Easy connection to the session with
meeting ID, QR Code, nearby devices,
room name or IP address

The moderator feature allows
control of the meeting

Video conferencing
with popular Apps

Facilitates collaboration with a complete
suite of functionalities, such as sending
screenshots and file sharing via
NovoConnect App/Software

AES-256 encryption, and compliant
with ISO 27001 international standard

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