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Break with restrictions – why you should say goodbye to cables.

“I want to break free. I want to break freeeee…” Don’t we all. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy. However, there’s one place where breaking free is entirely possible, and even the only way to go. That place is your meeting venue – be it a large conference room or a tiny huddle space. And what you need to break free from are the annoying AV cables haunting each and every meeting.

Why? We don’t have the time to go through all of them but the top five should convince even the cable die-hards.

1. Because it’s the 21st century

It’s probably safe to say that you don’t have a remote control attached to your TV with a wire, your home phone is not on a cord, and your office doesn’t feature a fax machine. Why? Because we’re deep into the 21st century, and we have moved on to more efficient ways of getting things done. Your meeting space has not been left out. Wireless is the name of the game and no conference room should ever again house miles of cables.

2.Because meetings should facilitate free thinking

Nervously matching your computer ports to the room’s available display cables and then, tripping over them as the meeting continues is not exactly conducive to productive focus and free exchange of ideas. All those cables were a necessary evil 20 years ago, but remember point 1? It’s the 21st century, and nowadays, we expect AV technology to be seamless, rather than star in the leading role in your meetings.

3.Because BYOD


So, your display device has an HDMI cable, but each of the presenters came with a different device (a brand new iPhone, a tablet and a laptop) on which they brought their presentation – a brand new iPhone, a tablet or a PC. Welcome to the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) era, otherwise known as Cable Apocalypse. If you’re still running cables in your meeting area, then the beginning of each presentation is a fun game of “Find the right adapter and match it to your device” that features a lot of nervous looks and an occasional swear or two. Great time. But seriously, get rid of these cables and let your people just focus on their work!

4.Because meeting spaces are changing

Oh yes, we haven’t mentioned the fact that, along with everything else, meeting spaces are also changing. Emboldened by limitless possibilities of wireless connectivity, office interior decorators decided to let us “have it our way” – where most furniture is movable and can be quickly arranged and rearranged in different configurations. This flexibility of office spaces coupled with the fact that many meetings take place in informal places with portable devices means that the future of our meetings is undeniably cable-free.

5.Because Vivitek has a perfect wireless solution for you


The hardest part of adopting new technology is selecting the right product for your needs. And that is where an extensive line of collaboration devices from Vivitek comes into play. From tiny huddle rooms to large auditoriums, and everything in between, you can mix and match various wireless devices from the Vivitek family to perfectly fit your needs. Even if you’re extremely demanding!
By now, if your meeting space still has cables, you should have left this post somewhere around point 4, and now should be about half-way done with ripping them out. When you return to the computer, remember to contact us at marketing@vivitek.eu and book a demo of our wireless technology. Your cable embarrassment can end today.