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Choose your colour with Launcher Plus

Whoosh, the email goes out: the meeting starts at 2 PM in the main conference room.

A few minutes before 2, people start to filter in. They chat for a minute, then take their seats. At 2 o’clock on the dot, the sales manager strides in, laptop in hand. “Hello everyone!,” she says, “thanks for coming. Let’s get started.” So far, so good.

choose your colour with launcher plus collaboration blog by Vivitek

The manager sits down in front of the screen, opens her laptop, and the problems begin. Which cable connects to the projector? This one is DVI, that isn’t right. This one is HDMI – that would work, but the manager just got a new laptop which only has a USB C port. Can someone find the adapter?

Eventually, an adapter is found, but the problems don’t end there. The screen is still blank. Is the projector even plugged in? The cables are such a mess, nobody can tell. By ten minutes after two, the audience starts to get impatient. Ellen steps out to take a phone call. Jim goes to refill his coffee. Rami starts reading the news on his phone. By the time the presentation starts, everyone has lost focus.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Innovative collaboration solutions such as NovoConnect allow anyone to wirelessly connect and share content on the big screen, eliminating the mess and fuss of cables and connection settings. With NovoConnect, employees can connect using the Novo Desktop Streamer application installed on their laptops and mobile devices. Guests can connect using LauncherPlus, an optional USB adapter that automatically establishes a direct WiFi connection between the Novo main unit and the guest’s laptop, with no need to connect to the secure corporate network.

For offices with multiple conference spaces, a basic, yet simple and effective color-coding system prevents LauncherPlus units from being mixed up.

The users need to use the colour tags as displayed in the pictures.

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