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Vivitek a leading manufacturer of visual display and presentation products offers extensive projectors line-up for Large Venue, Education, Meeting Rooms and Home Cinema.

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The NovoConnect NC-X300 is a simple to use wireless collaboration solution for businesses of all sizes.


NovoEnterprise offers you a direct wireless connection to the main screen in the meeting room. Up to 64 participants can seamlessly collaborate, share and annotate content, and even share files, all from their laptops, tablets and smartphones.


All-in-One display that combines a 4K Ultra HD IPS-ADS technology, Wireless Collaboration, Video Conferencing and Digital Signage.


The NovoTouch EK Series interactive flat panels are a new All-in-One solution for education sector. The touch screen range combines wireless collaboration, digital whiteboard, and active announcement board function into one display


Enjoy solution that stretches from wireless collaboration and touch interaction to digital signage and easy management features!

NovoTouch LK9810i

NovoTouch Interactive Flat Panel Display
Powerful collaboration solution for conference rooms, meeting areas and corporate lobbies.

NovoDisplay DK430, DK550, DK650, DK750

4K-UHD NovoDisplay with wireless collaboration and digital signage.


NovoPRO is a wireless presentation and collaboration device for interactive meeting rooms and classroom learning activities.


NovoConnect makes high-tech collaboration in the workplace and classroom a reality, allowing you to work with up to 64 participants and seamlessly share content with a wide range of laptops and mobile devices. NovoConnect is available in Education and Corporate versions, each with features designed to meet the needs of their environment.