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Forget meetings – in the office of today, collaboration is key

As much or as little as predictions of the future may be worth, we all know that the office environment is rapidly changing. Old, hierarchical structures are flying out the window, to be replaced by more fluid, flexible working models. The fast pace of modern business has necessitated a focus on collaboration and innovation, rather than traditionally defined roles and division of labour. Those who were once ’employees’ are now ‘team members,’ and those who were once ‘managers’ are now ‘leaders.’ And, good ideas are good ideas – regardless of whom they come from.

More than anywhere, these changes are visible in the meeting room. In fact, ‘meeting’ itself is becoming something of a dirty word – the ‘M word’ – reminiscent of long hours spent in a chilly conference room listening to bland drivel about sales figures and politely nodding in affirmation. More and more, what once were ‘meetings’ are now dynamic collaboration sessions, focused on producing the best, most innovative ideas, and then bringing them to fruition.

This focus on collaboration is making the traditional office AV solutions obsolete. The need to work together and exchange ideas means modern AV solutions need to be flexible and easy-to-use, while fostering collaboration. Vivitek’s NovoConnect family of solutions does just that. With NovoConnect, up to 64 participants can connect and share on the big screen, each from the laptop, tablet or smartphone of their choice. Four participants can share screens instantly and in high resolution. A wide range of collaboration features make it easy to annotate, share content, then take snapshots and share them wireless with participants – eliminating the need to take notes on paper. Furthermore, moderation and content preview features help you keep the meet… ehm, collaboration session… on track.



Modern collaboration solutions make it easy to establish the kind of flexible, dynamic working environment that the office today desperately needs. With a wide range of collaboration features and constant updates, NovoConnect fosters collaboration and productivity, ensuring each and every team member can participate and achieve the maximum. Above all, it’s important that such AV solutions be easy to use, that they not cause delays or distractions – NovoConnect provides just that.


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