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Five tools to supercharge your presentations - Collaboration Blog by Vivitek3

Cinq outils pour améliorer vos présentations

Nous passons de plus en plus de temps en réunion, à partager et recevoir des informations, le rôle des présentations n’a jamais été aussi important. Désormais, il ne suffit plus de lister quelques arguments à l’écran ou capter l’attention de votre auditoire, les présentations réussies doivent non seulement être claires et intéressantes, mais également stimulantes.


Heureusement, plusieurs outils existent pour vous aider. Voici les cinq meilleurs selon nous.




One of the most popular presentation tools available, Prezi makes it easy to create visually stunning presentations. Prezi ditches the traditional slide-based presentation model altogether, instead giving the illusion of ‘zooming’ through an interconnected web of content and data. Best of all, Prezi is cloud based and compatible with a wide range of devices. (

Haiku Deck

This cloud-based, Apple-focused solution helps you create sleek presentations in minutes. With its focus on modernist design, minimal text, integration with content sources such as Instagram, Flickr, Dropbox, Google+ Photos, and built-in graphical data display tools, Haiku Deck can help you get your message across without wasting space and effort. Note that Haiku Deck is not compatible with Android devices. (

With an interface that is simple and intuitive yet packed with useful features, is another formidable cloud-based presentation solution making it quick and easy to create sleek, informative presentations. Designed with collaboration in mind, features such as Slides for Teams allow you to keep your company’s visual assets organized and in one place, making branded presentations easier than ever. What’s more, Live Present lets the presenter use their mobile device to control the presentation and display speaker notes. (

Google Slides

With the cloud-based Google Docs suite rapidly gaining a foothold in the business world, Google Slides offers an excellent alternative to traditional offline presentation solutions. Though not as avant-garde as Prezi or as feature-packed as PowerPoint, Google Slides is compatible with a wide range of devices, making it easy to collaborate and create presentations in real time. (


Though it may seem counter-intuitive to include the reigning king of presentation software on a list of innovative presentation tools, it really isn’t. PowerPoint isn’t the boring business software it once was. With a wide range of attractive templates and tasteful animations and effects, the latest versions of PowerPoint make it quicker and easier than ever to create engaging presentations. Though multimedia integration still isn’t the best, PowerPoint has a lot to offer any presentation.


Five tools to supercharge your presentations - Collaboration Blog by Vivitek3


With the right tools, a little know-how, and a healthy dose of common sense, anyone can create impressive, informative presentations that grab the audience’s attention and get the message across. When combined with modern wireless collaboration solutions such as Vivitek’s NovoConnect family of solutions, productivity is boosted and meetings take on a whole new dimension.


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