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Full integration and easy IT set up make NovoConnect a boardroom breeze

In the modern business climate, flexible communication and collaboration are more important than ever. Boardrooms and meeting spaces big and small are no longer places for one-way ‘presentations,’ but for collaborating and sharing ideas in free-flowing and flexible manner. In this world, traditional AV setups just don’t make the cut – projectors which only connect to one device at a time, a mess of cables and possible compatibility issues. All that wastes and money and requires extensive, ongoing IT support.

With the recently launched NovoEnterprise and Launcher Plus, Vivitek offers a new comprehensive collaboration solution which eliminates messy cables and connection issues in one fell swoop. In just seconds, employees can wirelessly connect and share using the laptop, smartphone or tablet of their choice. Intuitive collaboration software offers full integration with the Novo main unit as well as a wide range of functionalities, such as real-time screen sharing, annotation, snapshots and wireless file sharing. Guests can easily join in the action with the Launcher Plus USB adapter, without IT involvement, no need to install software, and no access the corporate network.



All NovoConnect solutions are designed to keep the IT guys happy too. Vivitek constantly works to develop its products, offering security patches and updates to keep your system up-to-date and fully secure. With Remote Manager, the IT department can update and manage all your Novo devices in one go, saving a great deal of time and frustration. Hotspot mode offers easy setup and direct Wi-Fi access, bypassing secure corporate networks while still offering quick and easy connectivity and a great degree of flexibility. What’s more, data encryption, PIN-protected access and other security features means your corporate data stays right where it belongs, so everyone can sleep well at night.

Vivitek’s NovoConnect solutions make collaboration easy. After all, the most effective technology solutions are solutions that don’t get in your way. That means no more mess, nor more fuss. No more having to empty your bag onto the table to find the right dongle, or calling someone to bring the right cable.That leaves employees and guests free to do what they do best – collaborate and innovate – without worrying about technical issues or spending half the meeting on the phone with IT.

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