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Guest WiFi access in meeting rooms – do’s and don’ts

New connection performance
Meet the new members of NovoConnect family! Thanks to NovoEnterprise and its extension LauncherPlus, you can now easily run any kind of meeting or presentation as the wireless system will provide you with a direct connection with the projector on the big screen. You no longer need to worry about the technical aspects of arranging and dealing with cables. Eliminating wires and adapters saves precious time and enhances the effectiveness of the meeting – but that is not its only advantage. These innovative devices are truly a remarkable solution offering optimal connection efficiency.

How does it work? Why is it good?
The main problems you might come across while giving public presentations and managing conferences or business meetings are most often related to an unstable Wi-Fi connection. Here is the solution – NovoEnterprise has its own autonomic external antenna which enables easy and immediate Wi-Fi connection for guests. It proves most useful when the conference is being run by a company or environment that provides a separate channel for staff only. The option to integrate with an existing network infrastructure is of course available, but creating an independent hotspot* is invaluable and very handy at times.

Easy to connect, easy to use
The channel when set up in the infrastructure mode is open for up to 64 participants that are welcome to connect and share their content on 4 simultaneously arranged screens. It is also adaptive to all kinds of systems, embracing the BYOD principle. You may freely attach all iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Chrome devices to it, imagine displaying at the same time the content of an iPad with airplay, a google cast phone and a PC content. Thanks to 4k Ultra HD streaming, your multimedia content is top quality.

No wonder the NovoConnect accessory range was rewarded twice with Best New Wireless Collaboration Product and Best New Wireless Huddle-Room System awards. It already sounds great, but there is yet more to it. Let’s go back to the LauncherPlus, an accessory related directly to NovoEnterprise and NovoPro, which you may have heard of before. As previously stated, it is an extension USB plug-in that you insert into your laptop to make a direct Wi-Fi connection with the NovoConnect family devices. Whereas NovoEnterprise enables the participants to connect to an autonomic Wi-Fi network, the LauncherPlus eliminates even that process. When installed in a USB slot, it runs smoothly straight away.

Dynamic revolution
Using corporate network often causes multiple problems such as traffic congestion, delays, route flaps or stability errors. With NovoConnection solutions you may now forget about all of those issues. The new NovoEnterprise and LauncherPlus will revolutionize the industry of wireless presentation and corporate collaboration system. It brings business meetings to a new, higher level of interaction and productivity while encouraging teamwork. It also has the capacity to create an easily manageable and dynamic meeting environment.

*limited to 8 users connecting