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Happy NovoYear!

On behalf of everyone at Vivitek, we wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!

With the New Year come New Year’s Resolutions. Before you roll your eyes, let me explain – I’m not taking about going to the gym or going on a diet. We know how those resolutions end up. No, I’m talking about professional resolutions – well-conceived objectives to improve performance and productivity at work. After all, after a week of holiday festivities, we could all use a fresh perspective.

Since it’s already 2018, you might start by moving your office definitively into the 21st century. Long gone are the days when whiteboards and flipcharts dominated the conference room. This century is all about connectivity, interactivity, and collaboration. Modern collaboration solutions such as Vivitek’s NovoConnect range offer previously unimaginable connectivity, flexibility, and ease of use. Features such as full-HD screen sharing and annotation allow everyone to collaborate and contribute in real time, while snapshots and wireless file sharing eliminate the need for paper notes or email meeting summaries. With the functionality and adaptability of NovoConnect solutions, you can bring new energy to any conference room environment.



State-of-the-art collaboration solutions such as NovoConnect aren’t just for the corporate world. They can just as easily be used to breathe some much-needed life into educational environments. Targeted functionality such as polling, voting, and content moderation allow students to contribute while ensuring the lecturer stays in control of the process. The snapshot and wireless file sharing features can also be used to provide students with a future reference or study aid.

Whether you’re in the corporate world or the education world, choose NovoConnect solutions to ring in the new year and say goodbye to your old habits!

For more information, contact us or visit www.novoconnect.eu.