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How AV equipment can make or break your meeting-room set-up

When you think about all the things that determine the success of a company, the quality of its meeting-rooms is probably one of the last things you would consider. But is that not a major oversight?

Meetings are a staple of business. Depending on what studies you listen to, employees spend anywhere from 15 to 50 percent of their working time in meetings. About a third of this time, however, is considered wasted, with inefficient meetings costing companies $549 billion worldwide, according to the Doodle State of Meeting Report1. If you add to that the fact that meetings are often the places where creativity, debates and decisions happen, it is painfully clear that overlooking the significance of meeting-rooms is a major mistake.

A lot of the inefficiency comes from the incompetent ways meetings are conducted, with lack of planning or structure and unprepared attendees being the biggest culprits. But inadequate or malfunctioning AV equipment is also a major issue. One research suggests that a mid-level manager has at least two meetings a week disrupted by technology issues, with the average time of fixing these problems – 31 minutes. All of a sudden, the way you set up your meeting-room seems like a big deal.

Meeting-rooms, huddle-rooms, conference rooms… they come in all shapes, sizes and configurations depending on the nature of the work being done in them. Conference tables with power outlets and AV ports, ergonomic office chairs, a TV or projector on the wall, and carpet or panel floor that hides the cables running to the tables. If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Everything in the set-up is dictated by how you run your cables from the power outlets to the display to the tables. But what if you could free yourself from them?

Whether you’re setting up a little huddle-room for a budding startup or a large conference room for a multinational corporation, the NovoConnect family of wireless collaboration solutions gives you the freedom and flexibility to arrange and rearrange your room however and whenever you wish. The keywords being family and wireless. Wireless, because, well, no more wires that run your whole set-up, and family, because NovoConnect devices can be mixed and matched to deliver the optimal collaboration solution for any type of venue and needs.

Starting with the display, gone are the days when simply showing visual aids sufficed. We now want to be able to interact with what’s shown, make annotations, and do it from any device. The NovoTouch display panels let you do all that with their 20 touch-point 4K-UHD resolution screens, as well as wirelessly connectivity for up to 64 devices with up to four members sharing content on display at the same time. And those 64 devices can be all different since all NovoConnect solutions support the BYOD concept. With lack of focus and attention being mentioned as a major cause of ineffective meetings, such a display solution definitely goes a long way to engage the attendees.

Now, to connectivity. The cable-free set-up offered by NovoConnect makes all the difference. No more loose cords, adapters, dividers and the chaos that accompanies them. Regardless of the device and its AV ports, connecting to the display is a breeze and it doesn’t involve playing with any plugs. For smaller and medium spaces, the NovoPro offers top-notch wireless experience and great price performance. For large corporate venues, the NovoEnterprise delivers optimal connectivity with full HD transmission. And all this happens in just a few clicks, so getting a meeting started all of a sudden is no longer an exercise in patience and restraint.

Finally, the NovoConnect family features three types of Launchers that can be used by any guest to instantly connect to the meeting. This includes LauncherOne which meets the strictest security standards such as Data Loss Prevention compliance and AES-256 encryption. So, equipping any venue short of the Situation Room is not a problem for NovoConnect.

End of last year, Successful Meetings2 surveyed meeting planners to identify the trends for 2019. When asked about the top issues important to planning effective meetings, 60 percent responded with “providing quality meetings on a limited budget,” 58 percent said “keeping up with meetings technology,” and 48 percent pointed to “creating compelling meeting content.” The NovoConnect family seems to touch on all three. Thanks to its mix-and-match flexibility, it offers top-quality, wireless collaboration at an affordable price, while its interactive and engaging display ensures captivating content thanks to its advanced technology.

Easy to use, wireless technology in any meeting-room goes a long way to ensuring a productive get-together. To further understand how NovoConnect solutions help “Unleash your ideas” read one of our previous posts, or if you’re ready to try out the technology, simply book a demo by writing to