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How easy is sharing content in your meeting with a NovoConnect solution?

It’s definitely easier than taking candy from a baby, which surprisingly is not always that easy, and some weeks, it may even be easier than a Sunday morning – depending on the kind of Saturday you’ve had. The point is, sharing content with NovoConnect could hardly be any simpler, and it’s all been created to make your life easier. You don’t have to remember about any cables, adapters, or other gadgets to get your presentation going. Heck, you can even forget your laptop!

Business meeting using NovoConnect solution

To show you exactly how effortless it is to share your content on the big display with NovoConnect, we’ll take you through all the different ways to connect, starting with the easy and ending with another – just as easy. You got it, they’re equally simple. Oh, and by the way, this story you’re about to read is true for all NovoConnect devices, from the NC-X300 add-on solution if you already have a screen installed to the NovoTouch and NovoDisplay flat panels that include NovoConnect.


Scren Mir

1. Share your Screen

No laptop, no problem. With Screen Mirroring, you just need your smartphone or tablet to share your screen in the meeting on the big display with NovoConnect. And it really doesn’t matter whether your device is iOS or Android, because it’s just as easy for both. Simply, connect your phone or tablet to the Novo device and use the Airplay (for iOS) or Cast (Android) function to connect to the display.


NovoConnect App icon

2. NovoConnect app

Here’s another way to connect with only a mobile device. Yup, there’s an app for it, and it’s a good one. You can find the Novo app in Google Play and the App Store, or simply scan the QR code on any Novo device or brochure, and download it. The app is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Google devices to make sure that connecting to Novo is a breeze.


Desktop Streamer icon

3. NovoConnect app for laptop (Desktop Streamer)

But what if you’re not a phone or tablet person, and swear by your precious laptop? Then Novo Application for your laptop was made just with you in mind. You can get it here or from the Chrome Web Store, and within a few clicks start sharing and collaborating with others.

The Novo App is also great for your guests if you ‘re not using Launchers (about those in just a second). Just have them download the app and within seconds, they’re ready to go.


Launcher icon

4. Launchers (optional)

In business, like in life, you meet all kinds of people with all kinds of needs and devices and you need to be ready for whatever company life or business throws at you. That’s why there are Launchers to connect you to the main screen in just a click. Perfect for guests, but equally convenient for employees who spontaneously join a meeting.

Connect the LauncherPlus to your computer and it pretty much does the rest, meaning it connects to NovoConnect device via Wi-Fi and instantly allows sharing on the screen.

Use the LauncherPlus USB-C to connect to any computer featuring the USB-C port, thus wowing any Mac lover or ultrabook queen with your preparedness.

But what if you’re on a top secret mission and the fate of our civilization depends on your data being secure? Or simply your company has strict DLP (Data Loss Protection) and IT security policies that prevent you from using your computer ports? Then LauncherOne is the one you need. Featuring AES-256 encryption, it provides an ultra secure connection for even the most sensitive data and is just as easy to use as the other Novo solutions.

NovoConnect is a right choice for every business venue.
There you go. All the easiest ways to connect to a Novo device. So regardless, what you bring to the meeting, NovoConnect has a way of getting you connected, and it will do it in less time with less effort than you’d need to take a Laffy Taffy from a toddler.