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How upgrading your AV infrastructure can facilitate a safe return to the office and more

It’s safe to say, though only with a mask on, that we are still dealing with the COVID-19 new normal. The virus has affected every aspect of our lives and has left us figuring out how to adapt to the new reality. Office spaces are no exception, and if you’re an HR manager, facilitating a safe return to office work has probably kept you wide awake at night. Below, we will try to ease that pain just a little by showing how to respond to some of the coronavirus challenges by combining Wireless Collaboration and Digital Signage and putting all the office video screens on the task.



Every office has video displays. In meeting rooms for presentations, the reception area for visitors, and others. But you probably never thought of your AV infrastructure as a key element in COVID-proofing your office. Then, let me explain how updating your existing AV infrastructure with Wireless Collaboration and Digital Signage functionality will not only keep you informed but also upgrade the office experience for both your staff and visitors.


Wireless also means touchless
If you’re still using cables to connect to the main display during meetings, then now is a great time to stop. Besides not wasting time and nerves on getting tangled up in cables, wireless Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) technology allows every participant to connect and conduct the entire presentation directly from their device without ever touching the main display. But that’s not it.

Wireless connectivity means better flowing meetings
We’ve all been to meetings with multiple presenters where switching between each was even at best a flow-killing nuisance. That is never the case with wireless BYOD technology. Connecting and switching between presenters is seamless and instant, with everyone being able to easily join in from their laptop or mobile device.

Digital Signage means an informed office
Idle screens are a missed opportunity. Digital Signage on all your screens, not just at the reception, is the way to provide up-to-date information across the entire office. In a time where the coronavirus safety guidelines may be the most crucial bit of knowledge to sink in, having them on every idle screen across the whole company goes a long way in the COVID-19 prevention battle.

Wireless Collaboration and Digital Signage technology means a happy IT manager
The best part of this technology is that it is so easy to implement and use. If you have existing displays, integration is seamless, and requires minimal IT staff involvement. Afterward, management of all the devices is central and remote, making it an IT manager’s dream.



Fortunately, Vivitek has recently come out with a Special Promotion – Buy a Vivitek Multi-Purpose Meeting Room Solution – Get a 1-year free NovoDS Cloud license.

So now, Vivitek offers a complete solution to either upgrade your current displays with the NovoConnect NC-X700 or X900 Wireless Collaboration and Digital Signage solution for existing screens, or provide an all-in-one NovoDisplay flat panel that features all of the above described functionalities…so, contact us for a demo!

Contact us and let us advise what Novo solution to choose to help you in your safe return to the office.

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