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From monotonous monologue to dynamic dialogue – NovoConnect can help

We’ve all been there – the professor steps up, opens PowerPoint, clears his throat, and starts reading. One bullet point, then the next, then the next.­ Perhaps he tries to keep it interesting, perhaps he just reads in a monotone. Either way, after twenty minutes – just when your eyes are starting to glaze over – he asks the audience, “So, any questions?,” or, “What do you think? Yes or no?” Try as he might, it’s simply too late to establish any kind of dialogue. Most likely, the students just nod in acknowledgment.



Difficult as it may be to establish, collaboration is more important than ever. The hierarchical educational models of the past are rapidly giving way to more fluid, open exchanges of information. The old ‘stand and deliver’ lectures just won’t cut it; dialogue is the name of the game.

Thankfully, in this as in many areas of life and education, technology can help. Comprehensive presentation solutions such as Vivitek’s NovoConnect offer a range of tools which make it easier to turn an old-fashioned monologue into an engaging dialogue in which everyone in the lecture or seminar can participate.



NovoConnect’s polling and voting features allow the teacher to ask both yes-or-no ad multiple choice questions, with students and audience members answering using the Desktop Streamer application installed on the laptop, smartphone, or tablet of their choice. With the possibility of connecting up to 64 devices at a time, everyone can have a say – not only those who choose to raise their hands. Additional annotation features allow users to comment directly on the screen, and the combination of Snapshot functionality and wireless file sharing ensure no one is left out of the loop.



With such rich functionality, NovoConnect can help turn any presentation from a monotonous monologue into a truly democratic dialogue, ensuring all voices are heard.

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