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A new outlook on stand-up scrum meetings

Though the daily stand-ups (or scrum meetings, if you prefer) already have quite a history, and while they often follow a well-established pattern, their format is far from set in stone – these meetings can easily be shaped to fit the nature of your company. One thing to keep in mind – they need to be as short and effective as possible.

The sprint system can be an invaluable tool for the corporate collaboration process. When skillfully employed, it allows the team to make continual progress. This short session helps its participants to stay on track and keep the project from straying off the tracks and into an undesirable direction. Depending on how many co-workers join the session, it’s not always easy to run such a meeting in just 10-15 minutes. Technology could help keep you on track though. With the wireless collaboration solutions – NovoConnect – from Vivitek, you can simplify and improve the information exchange process. Visual information can be shared instantly on the central screen without reconnecting cables between presenters, even 4 participants can share screens simultaneously using NovoConnect and what’s more, all files can be shared to the participants connected instantaneously.


NovoConnect devices such as NovoEnterprise allow you to enhance meeting productivity. With all NovoConnect devices, Vivitek’s main goal is to make central collaboration more compelling and efficient – it’s as simple as that. Each device offers a range of opportunities that encourage of the free exchange thoughts and ideas. The advanced wireless capabilities of NovoEnterprise are designed to open new doors. Thanks to cable-free operation and an ultra-fast reaction time, this powerful device allows
for direct collaboration between the team members by creating a common digital interactive space. Simply connect with your own tablet or laptop and share your content on the big screen. The platform allows up to 64 participants to simultaneously compare progress and encourage communication.

Due to the comprehensive application of the BYOD – bring our own device – principle, collaboration with NovoPro open to all devices, regardless of brand or system. Any iOS, Android, Chrome, Windows or Mac device will connect immediately and effortlessly. Thanks to 4k Ultra HD streaming as well as Google Drive and Dropbox integration, multimedia content is always top quality. By getting rid of cables and adapters, NovoEnterprise saves time and makes things a lot easier as well.

The benefit of wireless collaboration to scrum meetings can be tremendous. The need to discuss each stage of the project both coherently and straightforwardly is crucial. Sometimes it’s simply faster and more productive to support your progress report with images or AV content, focusing all eyes attention on the problem at hand and showing everyone exactly what you’ve accomplished.