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Novo Ecosystem – the wireless collaboration and digital signage solution

When it comes to presentation and collaboration solutions, it is no longer enough to ‘just’ be wireless or offer a simple setup. Modern wireless sharing technology can do much more to bring meetings to the next level and contribute to a safe ‘touchless’ meeting environment. Vivitek’s Novo Ecosystem sets the bar with wireless collaboration tools and even digital signage, all based on four guaranteed principles: simplicity, security, integration and centralization.

What is the Novo Ecosystem?

It is our full approach to offer wireless presenting & sharing (NovoConnect) and digital signage solutions (NovoDS) for any venue, any display and any purpose, be it business or educational. Essentially, Novo Ecosystem will allow  you to get the most out of any meeting display, never leaving it idle.

How can it be a one-fits-all solution?

The Novo Ecosystem includes all-in-one displays and add-on devices (to upgrade your existing screen) which make up a flexible and scalable wireless collaboration and/or digital signage solution that can be configured easily in any venue and provide a very simple user interface that is identical across the entire ecosystem.

What are the four principles?

These principles are the foundation that the Novo Ecosystem is designed upon to ensure all products – whether added to an existing screen, or included in the display device all promise the same set of values:


Technology, nowadays, must be easy, but also consistent in its user interface, no matter what product you use. Imagine a different set up in every meeting room across a single company – then even simple can be ‘chaos’. Vivitek definitely got the memo, because the Novo Ecosystem is child’s play to set up and use. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to the meeting to effortlessly connect to the big screen using either the NovoConnect app for cross-platform mirroring or simply scan the QR code on the display – while guests can use the NovoConnect Launcher to plug into the laptop for direct connection. Novo Ecosystem solutions are heaven-sent to those technologically-challenged who dread complicated set-up steps.

Check out how easy it is to share content with the Novo Ecosystem in our separate article here: How easy is sharing content in your meeting with a NovoConnect solution?


Just like it must be simple to set up and use, wireless collaboration technology must be equally private and secure. And just like previously, the Novo Ecosystem comes through with world-class built-in security features. Highlighted by the AES-256 encryption and dual networks to separate guest and employee networks with password-protected configuration. In very restrictive environments that do not allow corporate network-based wireless presentation solutions, with locked USB ports, the Novo Ecosystem offers an add-on LauncherOne which is specially designed to ensure full compliance with DLP policies and GDPR guidelines.

The bottom line: the Ecosystem goes above-and-beyond to provide a secure environment for your collaborative efforts.


The Novo Ecosystem is also designed to seamlessly integrate into any existing infrastructure. Installation is very straightforward thanks to compact add-on devices that can be easily paired with an existing screen or projector, while the all-in-one units come with simple cabling. Dual network capability provides separate LAN and WiFi channels for guest and employee connections.

Whether you’re just introducing a single product installation or multiple Novo devices, you’ll be impressed with its smooth installation and integration.


The free management software allows for quick and efficient monitoring and managing of the entire Novo Ecosystem from one central location e.g. the IT department. For example, Remote Manager allows for easy software updates on NovoConnect, while NovoDS studio and NovoDS cloud enable centralized coordination of the NovoDS digital signage content in the entire building from the convenience of a single computer. This, among other factors, also contributes to relatively low maintenance costs, making the Novo Ecosystem not just a convenient, but also a smart choice.



The Novo Ecosystem checks all the boxes. It’s easy to set up, use and maintain, features world-class security and it offers tremendous value for money. That’s what makes it the ideal choice for both business and education. If you’re ready to see how the Novo Ecosystem can take your visual communication to the next level, contact us to book (an online) demo.

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