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NovoEnterprise – Redefine collaboration in the digital age

Love them or hate them, meetings are a fact of modern life.In the past, meetings were quite bothersome and collaboration often proved challenging, inefficient and cumbersome. Too much time was wasted messing around with notebooks, papers, projectors and the like. Just finding and untangling the right cable could take five minutes. Once you finally got going, it was a real struggle to establish a dialogue when only one person could connect to the projector at a time. Employees felt discouraged from sharing their opinions and ideas. Altogether, most meetings offered a rather poor environment for collaboration, creativity, and innovation.

In the past, many companies sought to solve these problems using custom videoconferencing setups. However, such systems generally required the conversion of a large conference room, and eventually proved to need a fully integrated installation to be done. In any case, videoconferencing facilities didn’t offer much in terms of content sharing or on-site collaboration.

Luckily, however, the market is rapidly moving on from that ‘early adopter’ stage towards more flexible and standardized solutions that can be easily adapted to fit and all meeting spaces. As the business world moves from more traditional office setups toward more free-form and flexible working conditions, companies are investing in integrated collaboration solutions that meet the needs of the future. After all, in today’s world, ‘innovate or die’ is the rule and intuitive, efficient collaboration is key to success. Flexible collaboration solutions offer the opportunity to transform your meetings from monologue to dialogue.

Vivitek, a leading brand of digital imaging, projection and collaboration solutions, is proud to introduce the NovoEnterprise to its NovoConnect family of solutions. NovoEnterprise is a solution which offers seamless collaboration of up to 64 participants, sharing up to four screen simultaneously – in real time and in full-HD video quality. Compatibility with all employee devices – including Android and iOS tablets and smartphones – means everyone can join in quickly and seamlessly.

Beyond simply sharing content, annotation functionalities add real value and make sure no one is left out of the loop. Snapshot and wireless file sharing features eliminate the need to take cumbersome paper notes or send an email summary of the meeting. Pre-installing Novo software on employee laptops means meetings can get down to business in a matter of seconds.

It’s not only employees who can collaborate with Novo Enterprise – Dual network access and LauncherPlus offer direct WiFi connectivity, so guests can join in without accessing the secure corporate network. Combine that with easy installation and remote management, and even the IT guys are happy.

Thanks to the innovative solutions offered by Vivitek, collaboration is really taking a big step forward. With NovoEnterprise and the whole Novo family of products, meetings are fast-paced, efficient, fluid, and most importantly, productive. The best ideas are heard and shared, and everyone feels encouraged to participate. When everyone can connect, no one is left out. All that means that decisions are made quickly and effectively. For businesses, that means greater efficiency, and efficiency means greater value.

With its Novo family of solutions, Vivitek offers all of the above in a convenient, flexible and adaptable package, all of which is available for a modest investment and low TCO. We encourage everyone interested to contact Vivitek for more information or a product demonstration.

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