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NovoPro great tool for teachers to increase student engagement

NovoPro is a great tool for teachers to increase student engagement!

NovoPro is a unique device providing a new approach to enhance the classroom experience for both teachers and students. This wireless accessory enables collaboration as it allows spontaneous interactions and exchange of thought by creating a common digital space accessible for everyone in the classroom or on the classroom network. The participants may join it and share their digital content directly on a big screen without needing to connect to any cables, so entire group is working on the same page. Sounds good? Let’s take a closer look.

In this day and age virtually all courses and classes use a variety of software programs and technology. Easy setup and top-quality wireless experience is something that makes teacher’s and tutor’s work a lot easier and more efficient. Connectivity from the widest variety of devices is a crucial issue here. With NovoPro you can coordinate any class or meeting – set up an open brainstorm space or simply stimulate people’s imagination by providing them with a creative, common working area.

How does NovoPro enhance teacher-student engagement?

NovoPro is the solution that will push the school system into the future and motivate it to grow. With this innovative project students can compare their notes and results with ease and move on to the next set more quickly. Furthermore, the visual comparison of a project output as well as findings of other participants makes concepts easier to understand. It’s a big step towards efficiency as NovoPro strives to make the lectures more comprehensive for the students who like to ask questions and actively participate in classes. Constantly working towards keeping students preoccupied with the class subject is very difficult for many teachers – however if the lecture is being shaped together and everyone is encouraged to speak and engage, the time is better spent and less tiring for both sides.

How does it work?

4 screens can be shared simultaneously with up to 64 participants connected. With NovoPro, you’ll never lose another minute waiting for someone to connect. No more cable-related disasters, no more adapters, no more wasted time. The device uses the principle of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and accepts many different platforms including iOS, Windows, Android, Mac and ChromeBook. Every aspect of NovoPro is completely wireless. It’s also very affordable for institutions of higher learning and eliminates the problem of constant upgrades.


Is it safe?

Yes! NovoPro has solved the security issue by allowing connection by Wi-Fi and LAN at the same time. Guests such as visiting professors or students from other institutions can connect to the Wi-Fi, while the support teams can use the LAN. Moreover, the teacher will always have full control of the sessions and is always the one to decide what the student will show on the main display.

It’s really worth trying out!