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NovoTouch Care Guide
– The COVID-19 Edition

It is still difficult to predict how exactly COVID-19 will change the world, but one thing is certain – cleaning and sanitizing have been brought front and center as our strongest lines of defense. But even such a seemingly simple task as cleaning can often times prove to be tricky.

From soaking groceries in bleach to dousing electronics with alcohol spray, we’ve heard stories of disinfection gone not only wrong, but sometimes dangerous. We are so focused on keeping the coronavirus away, that often and unwittingly, we cause damage ourselves.

That is why we’ve prepared this short care guide to make sure that your NovoTouch stays clean, but also safe from the cleaning.



If your NovoTouch only needs cleaning and you do not need to sanitize it – maybe only one person touches it – follow these steps that avoid any chemicals:

Power off and unplug the NovoTouch display

Remove any styluses, pens or accessories attached to the display

Prepare two clean pieces of soft, lint-free cloth

Moisten one cleaning cloth by gently spraying water on it

Wipe the display clean with the damp cloth using circular motions, removing all dust and smudges – don’t forget about the corners and edges of the screen!

Follow with a dry cloth to leave your NovoTouch spotless.

If you need to sanitize your display panel, instead of using a water-moistened cloth, use a sanitizing-wipe and follow the exact same steps.

We’ve also made a list of things to avoid at all cost to make sure your NovoTouch is not worse off after the cleaning. So, make sure you:

Don’t use any chemicals or heavy duty materials on the display panel – the glass is very durable but it has a coating that can be affected by chemicals;

Don’t use anything abrasive to wipe the display – so, no paper towels or rags;

Don’t spray water directly onto the display, and that leads us to the related final point

Don’t let any liquids penetrate through the miniscule gaps in the frame.

Now remember, our technology allows you to remotely connect from your device and fully present on the big display without ever touching it. Additionally, with our NovoConnect Screenote it is also possible to annotate on screen directly from your own device on the central screen. But if touching does occur, you now know how to safely and responsibly clean your Novo.


For any other questions connected with taking proper care of you Novo Touch, please contact – Stay safe and stay connected with Novo devices!