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New NovoTouch

The NovoTouch is the ultimate All-in-One Touch Panel, that combines 4K –UHD resolution, Wireless Collaboration, Digital Whiteboard, Digital Signage and Video Conferencing


NovoTouch is a powerful collaboration solution that’s ideal for conference rooms, meeting areas, corporate lobbies and education.


4K Display

Show your screen.

Visualize your ideas on a big-screen 4K-UHD panel and collaborate with the team more effectively. Meeting and class participants will appreciate the latest IPS panel technology, designed to deliver brilliant image quality with Hyper-Viewing Angle.


Wireless Collaboration

Drive creative team work

NovoTouch offers an advanced approach to group work by allowing for both ‘touch’ and ‘non-touch’ interactive user experience during meetings.
The complete suite of collaboration tools facilitates the ability to display four participants simultaneously, instantly switch to the other team members, file sharing or real time annotation. Additionally, its advanced moderator function helps the meeting host to remain in control of the meeting agenda.


Digital Whiteboard

Write on your screen, record and share your materials.

NovoTouch features easy-to-use annotation tools that allows writing on-screen using fingers, stylus or interactive pens, while the NT Minutes recording allows teachers to capture and save everything on the screen as a video clip and share with students, who were unable to attend, or with students who wish to review the lesson at a later stage.


Wireless Screen Duplication

Duplicate your screen to multiple displays across different rooms to enable better social distancing.

NovoTouch offers flexibility with the NT LiveScreen/NT LiveReceiver function that allows main screen duplication over the corporate or school network. This is ideal when a large group of people needs to be split into smaller groups and allocated to breakout rooms.


Video Conferencing

Switch to conference mode and engage with remote participants.

Hybrid meetings combining on-site and remote participants have become an essential part of today’s workflow. To facilitate the hybrid team work NovoTouch comes with video conferencing capabilities that include pre-installed Zoom, Teams or Skype for Business. Built-in 16W x2 powerful speakers ensure that all meeting participants can be heard loud and clear.


Digital Signage

Turn your NovoTouch flat panel into a signage and announcement board in between meetings or classes.

Vivitek’s NovoDS digital signage solution makes it easy to communicate and deliver information. Any daily meeting calendar, department goals, project status, corporate intranet page, safety announcements or school notices can all be incorporated into a signage playlist during downtime between meetings or classes.
The message can be delivered with a flexible playlist and with dynamic content from text, audio, photos and videos to webpages, Twitter, RSS, Google Calendar, weather and more.

Available in sizes of 65’’, 75” and 86’’

They all offer the visual brilliance of 4K-UHD resolution, ensuring that the screens invite and encourage engagement and participation in the meeting room or classroom.

Education Warranty

Vivitek is fully aware of educational institutions’ needs, hence the solutions are tailored to meet them perfectly. The NovoTouch is ideal for schools and universities, as they can implement many panels without the risk of any additional costs. Register the NovoTouch within 180 days from the purchase date and upgrade the standard 3 Year warranty to 5-Year hassle-free use and low cost of ownership.