Achieve more with Vivitek

Vivitek a leading manufacturer of visual display and presentation products offers extensive projectors line-up for Large Venue, Education, Meeting Rooms and Home Cinema.

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NovoDisplay is a unique and innovative solution that combines a 4K-UHD panel display, wireless collaboration and digital signage into a single unit.

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NovoTouch LK Series

NovoTouch is a powerful all-in-one touch display that is ideal for conference rooms, meeting areas and corporate lobbies.

Equipped with Vivitek’s NovoConnect, it provides wireless screen sharing from any device. NovoTouch facilitates group work with its whiteboard annotation features and NT live screen to duplicate the screen and multiple NovoTouch displays.

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NovoTouch EK Series
for Education

Vivitek’s all-on-one NovoTouch EK Series for Education offers full-featured interactive touch displays that have been designed to fit the budget-conscious education sector.

Intuitive NovoConnect wireless screen sharing, whiteboard & collaboration features and NovoDS digital signage to create announcement boards are included.

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NovoEnterprise is the supreme choice for SME and corporate meeting rooms. NovoEnterprise guarantees optimal connection performance, including optimal standalone WiFi performance – even when the demand on available bandwidth is high. Full-HD transmission means you can stream high quality video from your mobile device at up to 1080p, 60fps.

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Add-On device

The NovoConnect Add-On devices are designed for the users, who wish to extend their existing AV equipment to the new age of wireless collaboration solution.

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NovoCast brings wireless presentation to the classroom in order to improve participation, collaboration and sharing of ideas for up to 8 participants. This device is a perfect solution for all educational needs. It creates a common creative space, improves the floating exchange of thought and encourages constructive dialogue. We try to provide an opportunity for the educators to make their classes as engaging as possible and to involve the greatest amount of students.

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Invite guests or team members to instantly connect to the NovoConnect unit from their laptops using Launchers. A mix of all three models can be used to accommodate different guest and internal
user needs in the meeting room. No matter the setting, Launchers work with all NovoConnect solutions.

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Digital Signage - NovoDS

NovoDS Solution offers a very affordable, network-based digital signage solution that is ideal for creating dynamic visual displays for corporate or public spaces.

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