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The optional Launcher is a USB device that plugs directly into the laptop and uses embedded WiFi to effortlessly stream content onto the big screen. The Launcher is especially convenient for guests or colleagues visiting from other offices. The USB dongle streamlines the connection process, with zero impact on the existing network.

Products specification

LauncherOne is specifically designed for companies with strict Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and IT security policies that lock USB ports for storage devices and do not allow any network-based wireless presentation solutions.


The optional LauncherPlus connects to a laptop, establishing a direct WiFi connection to any NovoConnect device. This USB dongle streamlines and secures the connection process, with zero impact on the existing network.


Recognising that many customers like to have the latest technologies, Vivitek has responded to the increasing use of USB-C ports in laptops with the introduction of the state-of-the-art LauncherPlus USB-C Edition. The first available product of its type, it supports the latest in connectivity options to give users even more choice, while helping to future-proof their investment.


NovoConnect is ready to provide wireless collaboration for high-security industries

Data Loss Prevention Compliant

LauncherOne is a storage-less USB device designed to prevent unauthorized data transfer. Its wireless data is also secured with AES-256 encryption to ensure safe communication.

Hassle-Free Wireless Mirroring

Meeting participants can project wirelessly without any additional configuration. Save time for your team, let them focus on the presentation instead of worrying about software or driver installation or administrator access. Start our portable App with a simple double-click.

Minimized USB
Security Risk

Without USB storage, the LauncherOne eliminates the risk of spreading viruses or ransomware attacks.

Zero Impact on Existing
Network Traffic

Thanks to the dedicated direct wireless connection between the LauncherOne and the NovoConnect main unit, existing network traffic will not be affected.

Direct Wireless Presenting

Meeting participants can project wirelessly at ease without configuration - simply plug the LauncherPlus or LauncherPlus USB-C Edition into your laptop.

Full Compatibility

The LauncherPlus and LauncherPlus USB-C edition are fully compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Plug and Play

With a direct ad-hoc wireless connection to the main unit and a Plug and Play USB connection to the laptop, guests can join in and collaborate quickly and easily, all without accessing your secure corporate network.

LauncherPlus Base

To keep meeting room environments tidy and clutter-free, Vivitek now offers the LauncherPlus Base holder. This stylish accessory is designed to neatly store all types of Launcher units, keeping meetings rooms and tables looking smart and organised.