NovoEnterprise is the supreme choice for SME and corporate meeting rooms. NovoEnterprise guarantees optimal connection performance, including optimal standalone WiFi performance – even when the demand on available bandwidth is high. Full-HD transmission means you can stream high quality video from your mobile device at up to 1080p, 60fps.

ISE 2017 Awards

Best New Wireless
Collaboration Product

Best New Wireless
Huddle-Room System


The plug-and-play LauncherPlus ensures meetings can start promptly, greatly reducing the time it takes to connect laptops and mobile devices to the NovoPro or NovoEnterprise main unit. The LauncherPlus is a USB device with embedded WiFi which streams laptop content effortlessly to the big screen.

Bring your own device

The principle of BYOD – bring your own device – means anyone can connect and wirelessly share content on the big screen, using the Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or Chrome device of their choice.

4 screen simultaneously

Enhance your meeting by sharing up to 4 screens simultaneously, with up to 64 participants connected and ready to switch, share and annotate instantly. With NovoEnterprise, you'll never lose another minute waiting for someone to connect.

Direct wireless connectivity

NovoEnterprise offers enhanced WiFi standalone operation, with an external antenna providing direct wireless ad-hoc connections for guests. This is especially handy for environments where there is no guest WiFi available.

High-performance connectivity

High-performance is assured thanks to NovoEnterprise’s dual-mode 802.11ac and 2T2R WiFi connectivity. Two independent transmitters and receivers ensure optimal wireless performance and responsiveness, whether you choose to connect using the corporate network or a direct ad-hoc connection.

4K Ultra HD resolution

Thanks to high-performance connectivity and innovative software, NovoEnterprise offers 4k Ultra HD streaming, giving you the chance to spice up your meetings with multimedia content in dazzling detail.

Easy to monitor

NovoEnterprise can be remotely controlled and managed over the network, making it easy for IT managers to monitor usage and keep network infrastructure working at optimal efficiency.



NovoEnterprise offers WiFi and Ethernet connectivity options for integration with your existing network, as well as wireless hotspot mode for direct guest connections.

Connect to share content and mirror any device directly onto the big screen at meetings and events.

Work with up to 64 participants, sharing screens from up to 4 devices with cross-platform screen mirroring.

Share ideas and files instantly with all participants, so no one is out of the loop.

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