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NovoPro takes it a step up from NovoConnect, with an impressive new feature set that enables everyone to join in and share content on the big screen – all with just a few clicks. The platform is designed to ensure a top-quality wireless experience at a price-performance point which is easily affordable for any meeting room, boardroom or brainstorm space.

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Bring your own device

The principle of BYOD – bring your own device – means anyone can connect and wirelessly share content on the big screen, using the Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, or Chrome device of their choice.

4 screens simultaneously

Enhance your meeting by sharing up to 4 screens simultaneously, with up to 64 participants connected and ready to switch, share and annotate instantly. With NovoPro, you'll never lose another minute waiting for someone to connect.

Dual network management

Dual Network Support - NovoPro’s built-in Ethernet port and WiFi allow for dual network management so that both a wired and wireless connection infrastructure can be accomplished to accommodate, for example, both guest wifi and corporate LAN setting.

Simple setup

The NovoPro can be quickly and easily deployed in any meeting space. Full integration with existing projection and network infrastructure eliminates the need for additional equipment purchases or expensive upgrades.

Easy to monitor

NovoPro can be remotely controlled and managed over the network, making it easy for IT managers to monitor usage and keep network infrastructure working at optimal efficiency.



NovoPro’s built-in Ethernet and WiFi allow for dual network support as standard, making it possible to accommodate wired and wireless networks for separate employee and guest access. When sharing content wirelessly, data security is guaranteed thanks to AES-128 data encryption, ensuring good ideas stay within the company.


Want your guests to join in without having to install software or join your existing network? It’s no problem with Launchers, an optional USB-A or USB-C adapters that enable you to connect a laptop directly to the NovoPro, without connecting to the corporate network.

Connect to share content and mirror any device directly onto the big screen at meetings and lectures.

Work with up to 64 participants, sharing screens from up to 4 devices with cross-platform screen mirroring.

Share ideas and files instantly with all participants, so no one is out of the loop.

People about NovoPro

The great thing about NovoPro is that it puts the student and the teacher at the center of the lesson, and not the projector system. This means that students and teachers can continue to work from their desk with their device, sharing their work easily and effortlessly. I think solutions like this point toward the school’s future in terms of the types of learning and teaching aids we have in the classroom.

Even though we were keen to adopt a BYOD model, previously we had to invest a lot of time creating materials that were compatible with all devices. With NovoPro we have guaranteed cross-platform compatibility which is so beneficial on many levels.

I really appreciate the fact that NovoPro provides me with control over the students’ content. Knowing that they are being observed, means they work diligently and responsibly but without strict control.

Anna Mancuso, Valrovina Primary School teacher

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