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Vivitek a leading manufacturer of visual display and presentation products offers extensive projectors line-up for Large Venue, Education, Meeting Rooms and Home Cinema.

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Combine the benefits of Wireless Collaboration
and Digital Signage

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Choose the size of NovoDisplay you want
DK430, DK550, DK650 or DK750

4K Display

BYOD Wireless Connectivity

Touchless Collaboration

Digital Signage Board

All-in-One NovoDisplay

Plug and Play Wireless Collaboration +
Digital Signage Display

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Connect to any display and enable:

BYOD Wireless Connectivity

Touchless Collaboration

Digital Signage Board

Add-on NovoConnect





Visual Communication Hub
offering Wireless Collaboration & Digital Signage

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Combine Digital Signage and Wireless
Collaboration for a responsible return to the office

Before meetings: Digital Signage

Ensure the safest return to office work with a Digital Signage solution to allow you to share up-to-date information on COVID-19 safety and procedures throughout your company. Digital Signage enables you to broadcast company messages to every display, in every room, not just the reception. Vivitek offers NovoDisplay and NovoConnect NC-X700/NC-X900 to bring digital signage to every meeting space, in addition to the already strong wireless collaboration performance the products are known for.

NovoDisplay and the new NovoConnect NC-X700/NC-X900 visual communication hub bring intuitive Wireless Collaboration into any meeting. Every participant can use the NovoConnect app to connect directly from their own
device without touching any cables or connection devices.

Collaborate with multiple participants sharing content on the central display and even annotate directly from your own device to create a ‘touchless meeting’ set up for maximum safety.

During meetings: Wireless Collaboration

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How can NovoDS Cloud help my business with
Digital Signage

With the free NovoDS Cloud solution, you can Design, Publish, and Manage Content remotely!

  • Easily create dynamic digital signage content from scratch or use templates and add widgets for any application
  • Accessible from any location with Role-Based Access Control
  • Manage – Public Cloud and On-Premise (mass) deployment

See how Wireless Collaboration seamlessly combined with Digital Signage can turn all your idle displays into active sources of information for your employees and guests.

Guide your staff in a safe return to the office – contact us and let Vivitek help make it a whole lot easier.

Upgrade your office space with Vivitek’s NovoDisplay or
NovoConnect Wireless Collaboration & Digital Signage
solutions and enjoy:

Touchless Meetings

Maximum safety with touchless BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technology that allows every participant to Wirelessly Connect to the main display via the NovoConnect app. Safely set up and conduct entire presentations while only touching your own device.

Ease of Use

Effortless, intuitive experience whether wirelessly connecting, collaborating, or annotating, that requires no technical skill or talent. Instantly upgrade the safety and experience in your meetings with no learning curve for the staff or visitors.

Digital Signage

Informative Digital Signage throughout the whole office space that continuously reminds about COVID-19 safety and procedures. Incorporate an office-wide information system using all display screens, which unused, instantly switch from meeting mode to signage.
Centrally create, update, and upload Digital Signage content with NovoDS Cloud using a web browser and instantly stream it to your displays.

Easy integration

Simple installation, seamless integration, and remote management of all Novo Ecosystem devices will put a huge collective smile on your IT department.

* With a purchase of a NovoConnect NC-X700, NC-X900 (available in Q3), or NovoDisplay (all sizes), valid from June 1st until Dec 31st, 2020 in the EMEA region. Subject to product availability or to changes without prior notice.