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Remote Manager and NS Lookup make IT lives easier

As an IT manager, you probably spend an inordinate amount of time on your feet, rushing from room to room solving problems, setting up devices, updating software. Your phone never seems to stop ringing, and some days you don’t even see your office. The larger the company, the more time you spend running around.

In all your time rushing around, you’ve probably found that there are some devices which make your life harder, and some which make your life easier. Some devices are easily integrated into your network environment, and easily managed from your own workstation – you know, the one you almost never see – while some just never seem to play nice.

At Vivitek, we design our products with IT in mind, and we’re happy to say that they fall into the former category. Our NovoPro and NovoEnterprise wireless collaborations solutions and our NovoTouch digital display are fully compatible with our Remote Manager software, which makes it easy to connect, set up, manage, update, and troubleshoot all your Novo devices from one central workstation, with no need to go running around the office every time there’s a problem to be solved or an update to be installed.

Remote Manager allows you to add, name, and organize devices, grouping them according to building, floor, or other criteria. From there, all you have to do is click on a device to access its network, security and device settings and update its firmware. The Remote Manager app also allows you to customize each device’s home screen individually, according to the particular location and use of the device, and to establish moderation credentials.

For companies with a large number of Novo units, the NS Lookup server system allows you to map all devices on your network, eliminating the need to separately manage IP addresses and gateways. In larger networks with subnets and specific network policies, NS Lookup allows IT administrators to establish an organized list of Novo devices for the NovoPresenter app and Desktop Steamer software to connect to, eliminating the device discovery issues that often accompany large, complicated networks.

At Vivitek, we are dedicated to creating technology that makes collaboration easier and more productive, and that includes the IT department. For more information on Novo products and systems, visit our website at or contact us for a demonstration.