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The school system has changed drastically during the past couple of decades. The ways of absorbing and passing on knowledge have developed rapidly and in many different directions. Chalk boards, quills, ink pens and paper notebooks are becoming an echo from the past. Technology has come through in every aspect of our lives and the school system is no different. The educational structures had to catch up at some point. Zeitgeist is happening – schools need to adjust.



The multimedia boom

Every cloud has a silver lining though, so thankfully many interesting solutions have appeared on the horizon. The dynamic growth of both the multimedia content and web systems allowed the wide use of active learning applications, online transmitting and webcasting. For many students the implementation of various multimedia solutions to the lecture determines its success. In today’s times it is a common practice to engage the listeners with the use of simple game mechanics during group work, HD video streaming or animations. All of the above have the potential to expand and enrich the learning experience, breaking the usual “boredom” stereotype commonly associated with schoolwork, learning and learning institutions. There is one that hasn’t been mentioned here yet, but it just might be the best solution of them all – Vivitek’s NovoPro benefits both sides of the learning process and has the potential to tidy up the lecture by making use of various high-tech solutions at once.




This powerful device creates a wireless collaboration between students and the lecturer by creating a common digital space for tablet, smartphone or laptop to interact in. Every student may connect using his own tablet or laptop to the central screen. The platform allows up to 64 participants at a time to take turns to share a single or split screen image to display their content on a big screen and therefore to inspire one another, compare the results and encourage communication. Starting from primary schools and ending with world’s most prestigious universities – no matter where it’s used, it makes a true, spontaneous dialogue possible. With NovoPro a lecture is being created as a common effort and the lecturer remains in control through easy preview features and polling and voting options for more interaction. NovoPro changes the entire dynamics of the learning environment. The fundamental goal of NovoConnect solutions are to enhance the student productivity and to encourage teamwork.



The key to a successful interaction

This particular platform is designed to provide the best quality wireless digital experience. As previously stated, it is open to multiple devices regardless of the brand or system – easy setup and driver-free operation makes any iOS, Android, Chrome, Windows or Mac device connect immediately and effortlessly. Thanks to Google Drive and Dropbox integration as well as getting rid of set up complications with cables and adapters, NovoPro saves precious time and greatly simplifies all kinds of collaborations. Everybody involved benefits when the professors make the most out of their lectures – keeping the students interested and engaged in their project creates an environment that draws people in and encourages them to participate. What more is there to ask for when trying to create a starting point to a productive session?