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Technology in the boardroom – adopt or neglect

There’s no doubt that technology is playing an ever more important role in the workplace.
Where there once were simply telephones and typewriters, there are now networked workstations and servers, shared multifunction printers, and complex wired and wireless network systems, all protected by firewalls and other security features.

This technological revolution certainly hasn’t spared the boardroom. Where there once was just a flipchart and a slide projector, there are now often complicated, proprietary AV setups for presenting and teleconferencing. However, beyond providing welcome job security for the IT team, these setups often prove much more trouble than they’re worth. Think about it, how many times have you been in a meeting which was delayed because a cable or an adapter was missing, or because someone had to call IT to come get everything started. Over time, these little hiccups add up to quite a lot of lost time.

In the fast-paced, fluid business environment of today, flexibility is the key – and the same goes for the boardroom. Those once-ubiquitous proprietary AV setups are rapidly being replaced by more flexible and compatible solutions, such as Vivitek’s NovoConnect devices.

Based on the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept, NovoConnect devices allow employees and guests alike to connect and collaborate quickly and easily, sharing on the big screen using the smartphone, tablet or laptop of their choice. Innovative features such as real-time full-HD screen sharing, annotation, snapshots and wireless file sharing ensure maximum productivity and minimum lost time. With direct WiFi access and the LauncherPlus USB adapter, guests can connect in seconds, without having to install special software or access the secure corporate network, and without having to call IT for help.

Best of all, NovoConnect devices are easily integrated with your existing network infrastructure, with remote access allowing  IT staff to manage and update all devices at the same time. Advanced security features such as dual-network access and AES-128 encryption keep everything safe and secure, and attractive pricing and excellent ongoing support ensure low TCO. In short, NovoConnect devices tick all the boxes in the modern boardroom environment.

The boardroom is changing, and thanks to NovoConnect, collaboration is becoming easier and more convenient than ever before. Gone are the days of complicated custom solutions requiring extensive expert support; these days, ease-of-use and flexibility reign supreme – and that’s just where NovoConnect shines.

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