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The challenge meets NovoStage – NovoStage meets the challenge: Business

The way we meet and collaborate has changed, which in turn, has necessitated the technology to follow suit. In the first part of this series, we introduced NovoStage – our software that turns any Windows Display into a wireless receiving hub andhow it allows teachers to maintain student involvement and collaboration in blended (in-class and online students) classrooms.

Today’s focus shifts from education to business, where the challenges are a bit different. Here, facilitating seamless, yet easy-to-use multi device and multi participant presentation and collaboration is paramount. Getting your business meeting off to a good start is only possible if your software is as prepared for the situation as you are. That’s NovoStage – a solution that allows you to feel confident walking into any business venue, even if challenges arise.


Sales presentations

You’re a sales manager, and if there’s one thing the last two years have taught you, it’s expect the unexpected. No sweat, it’s in your nature to be ready – after all, you live by the words that “If you stay ready, you never have to get ready.” Because you know that selling means having the right argument with all the proof behind it, that will turn even the harshest skeptic into a buyer. But if ‘the proof is in the pudding,’ in your case, the pudding is all the various sources, docs and pictures spread across your mobile devices and your laptop that you can access the very instance a need arises. Being able to smoothly juggle them while answering questions is what makes you so good at your job.


The Challenge – Smooth presentation and collaboration on any AV setup

This morning you have a meeting at a prospective client’s. You’ve never been there before, have no clue about their presentation and collaboration setup, and you will be pitching your service to a wider audience, including most of the C-suite executives. You also know that if they’re receptive to the pitch, you will then need to work out the details of potential cooperation on various levels, which will entail input from various department-heads present. Basically, many moving parts and a lot riding on smooth delivery and collaboration. In other words, just another Tuesday morning.

You arrive at your venue to find out that there is little in the way of high-tech AV solutions – no Windows display, no collaboration solutions – just a lonely projector. With little time to set up and all the executives in attendance, this should be stressful… but it’s not. Actually, you just might wow them with your super simple and smooth collaboration software, too.


The Solution – Connect everyone to the same display with NovoStage

What’s required:

  • NovoStage software installed on your laptop + any conference call system
  • Any large format display or projector

Previously, this scenario would make your blood pressure go through the roof and leave you with a gray hair or two, but today, you’re cool, calm and collected knowing that you have NovoStage installed on your Windows 10.

Step one. You connect your laptop to the projector. Step two. As long as your audience is connected to the same wireless network, they can connect to the display through the NovoStage on your laptop either through the website, the app, or even AirPlay. This allows you to share content from your laptop or mobile devices onto the big screen and when it’s time to collaborate on some ideas, have others present from their devices. The cherry on top is AES 256-bit encryption that guarantees your meeting’s content is protected. The rest is in your hands, but finally the magic that you do is matched by the technology that makes it so seamless.


If you need help or are ready to demo NovoStage or any other of our solutions, contact and our team will be happy to show you the value such a worry-free and easy-to-use solution can bring to your organization.

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