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The challenge meets NovoStage – NovoStage meets the challenge: Education

We often say that we live in a changing world. The last two years of the pandemic, however, have taken this statement to absolute extremes, with the changes coming in so hot that adapting on-the-fly has become the only skill that matters. And probably no aspect of human activity has changed more than the way we meet, so keeping up with these changing needs has been particularly crucial.

In the following series, we will show you how Vivitek’s newest product, NovoStage, answers the needs for truly productive hybrid sharing whether you’re in a school, corporate or business training environment.

NovoStage is a Windows™ based wireless collaboration software solution to transform your display into a wireless receiving hub. The beauty about this solution is that it can be used in two very different ways – on a small laptop screen, or on a Large Format Windows display. Each segment illustrates some specific challenges and how NovoStage addresses them to deliver a smooth, hybrid meeting experience.



You’re a high-school teacher. Let’s just say that the profession was pretty challenging before the pandemic. Now, it’s a tightrope act juggling chainsaws. Between trying to maintain social distancing among your students, you now also have to deal with remote learning – meaning a part of your group is in the classroom and the rest connect from home.

Unsurprisingly, this comes with a completely new set of challenges, a large part of which is technical. Because in such a blended classroom, your goal is to give every student an equal opportunity to participate and contribute during lessons, but it sounds way easier than it actually is.


The Challenge – sharing in-class content to remote students

Your classroom is equipped with a NovoTouch touch panel that serves as a digital whiteboard. You connect with your online students via, for example, Microsoft Teams to show the screen of your laptop. The problem is that all the interactive teaching – the annotations, videos and any other content – is shown only on the digital whiteboard for the kids in the classroom, effectively excluding the online students.

If you were already thinking how to rig your laptop to at least show the digital whiteboard through its camera, stop! What you need is NovoStage.


The Solution – mirror content from the central display to your laptop

What’s required:

  • NovoStage software installed on your laptop + any conference call system

  • NovoTouch touch panel used as main display with the NovoConnect app installed


NovoStage instantly transforms your computer into an online hub. Your laptop becomes the receiving display for whatever is shown on the central NovoTouch display. To do this, just use the NovoConnect app that is preinstalled on the NovoTouch to mirror the content to the NovoStage software on the laptop. Then, simply share the NovoStage screen onto your team call. This way, NovoStage completes the wireless collaboration experience in the classroom.

Now, the only thing left for you to worry about is how to keep their attention for 45 minutes at a time – unfortunately, we can’t help with that. What we can do, however, is make sure that our technology continues keeping up with your changing needs and is not yet another distraction in an already ultra-challenging situation.


To demo NovoStage or any other classroom solution, contact info@vivitek.eu and our team will gladly show how we can make your teaching experience that much smoother.

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