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The challenge meets NovoStage – NovoStage meets the challenge: Workshops

Imagine a solution that takes all the stress out of the technical aspect of your meetings. Well, we took the next step and created it. In the two previous posts, we’ve shown how NovoStage – a software that converts any Windows Display into a wireless receiving hub – rises to the challenge in the school or business environments, allowing you to easily deal with hybrid classes or poor AV setup at your meeting venue.

In this final installment of the mini-series, we’re going to address the environment of trainings and workshops and the challenges it brings. They are a bit of a mix of the challenges featured in the previous two scenarios, where easily connecting everyone regardless of the setup and facilitating interaction and engagement played key roles. What complicates things is the ongoing COVID-19 situation, but as we’re going to show you, NovoStage has that covered as well.


Trainings and Workshops

You’re a corporate trainer. It’s a tricky business where eliciting participation and engagement reigns supreme and getting tripped up by technical issues can ruin both the engagement and the entire flow of your training. You don’t like lecturing, so you deliver your points by discussing various case studies with your class. And because this discussion may take you into some unexpected, yet important directions, you’re always ready with a relevant resource that you can quickly throw on the main display to support your point. But the most important part is when you assign a case to each attendee to work on individually for half an hour and present to the group at the end of class. That’s when you really can make a difference by going around and helping each participant as they’re working on their assignments. Only then, you can really tell where someone’s having problems and where they excel, and this is ultimately the goal of your training.


The Challenge – facilitating engagement on any setup during the pandemic

To make things interesting, the country is in the midst of the nth wave of the virus so COVID safety measures have to be observed, and hovering over people’s shoulders may not be the best idea. But let’s face it, you’re a pro at this and years into this pandemic, you’ve done every song and dance imaginable to keep everyone safe while still doing what you do.

This morning is no different, and even though this is a brand-new client in a totally foreign venue, you’re heading there unfazed knowing that NovoStage has got your back.


The Solution – Connect everyone to your laptop via NovoStage

What’s required:

  • NovoStage software installed on your laptop + any conference call system
  • Any large format display or projector

You arrive to find just a projector, but that is all you need to connect and present any of your content. With your workshop participants connected to the same WiFi, they can connect to your laptop via, the NovoConnect app, or AirPlay, and less than a minute later, you’re ready to begin. And after presenting, when it’s time for you to work with everyone individually, you can easily do it without ever having to physically approach them. They can just share their screen via NovoStage to your laptop, so that you can see their work and comment on it. This way you never have to worry about what circumstances life throws at you and be ready to present and collaborate in any situation.


If you would like to demo NovoStage or any other of our solutions, contact and our team will be happy to show you how this solution is a must-have in any trainer’s tool kit.

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