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The Growing Demand for Collaborative Technology Solutions

With technology becoming more prevalent in all aspects of modern life, many solutions that were once reserved for those ahead of the technological curve – the ‘early adopters’ – have now gained mass market acceptance. Today, some of them have become key tools for connecting all things and acting as a vital part of our business, educational and personal lives.

These latest technological advancements found are answering the demand from end users for solutions that goes beyond wireless connectivity; now customers are calling for true collaboration tools that enable a moderator and participants to all share and annotate content in real time. This is where the real value in collaboration lies, as decisions can be made quickly and challenges addressed promptly.



However, there are sometimes limitations and sticking points that may restrict collaboration efforts, and these will vary from one venue to another. Typically, they can range from the available wireless bandwidth not being sufficient enough to facilitate collaboration, to security; many people are concerned about sharing access to their device or content on their device. Equally, network and IT managers are also cautious – and rightly so – about who or what device is joining their network. But with these worries comes technological advancements, with security measures like moderating and the ability to deny content, at the core of modern day collaboration solutions.

As these advancements continue to shape and be shaped by their end use, the next generation of collaboration technology is set to help businesses and educational institutions further streamline their collective knowledge in real time, making the process of collaboration, brainstorming, innovation and the creation of ideas, even more effective and efficient. Collaboration technology in the workplace in particular – like Vivitek’s NovoConnect family – is becoming increasingly more essential, given that on a daily basis we’re dealing with emails, creating, sharing and amending documents, exchanging instant messages, participating in video conferences, attending meetings, accessing cloud-based document storage and so on.



We are increasingly hearing about innovative technologies such as VR and AI, which are getting much more sophisticated and more prevalent in the modern day. How they’ll filter into the products and services we use daily, remains to be seen. While there will be businesses or industry sectors that need VR more than others, it may not become as ubiquitous as AI as its use is less driven by actual end-user needs. AI, meanwhile is like many other successful solutions in that it taps into the needs for real-time knowledge and help making decisions a faster and easier process – and that lies at the heart of all successful collaborations solutions.