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Novo Connect TheRemote Manager Desktop App

The Remote Manager

NovoConnect Solution offers a range of wireless collaboration standalone devices to add to your existing screen, as well as NovoTouch and NovoProjector display products with wireless collaboration fitted in already. The NovoConnect range facilitates interactive and engaging discussion in meeting rooms. Great productivity tool for the meeting room users, but what impact do these devices have on the IT administrator? Well, NovoConnect is designed to make life easier – less questions on cables and connectivity – while at the same time, full control of the wireless NovoConnect infrastructure, directly from the IT desk.

All devices under control

All NovoConnect family devices can be managed and controlled from one central workstation with no need to reach them physically. Use the Remote Manager tool to connect, set up, customize, update and troubleshoot the accessories remotely all together.

Within this application it is possible to add, name and group the devices according to floors, departments or even buildings. Customize each screen separately, establish moderator permissions and create criteria of your choice.

Update the device’s firmware and access its network and settings – then enable it to run.
You don’t have to move away from your desk – simply use the app and enjoy its many features. If you are working for a big company or a corporation, you will surely appreciate this comfort.

Manage it step by step

1. You can connect the Novo devices to the app manually or via auto discovery feature. Once it’s done, you will be able to see all the units in one place, on one desktop. The green and red light icons indicate which devices are in use and which are turned off.


2. You can manage general settings of each device and name it (e.g. if your company has several NovoEnterprises on different floors, it can go by NovoEnter_floor1).


3. Now you are able to configure and setup the network connections.


4. You can set your security options and establish access permissions.


5. Set other parameters of each device according to your preferences, such as resolution, time zone, NTP server.


Have it all under control!

For more details, check our Remote Manager Guide