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Vivitek a leading manufacturer of visual display and presentation products offers extensive projectors line-up for Large Venue, Education, Meeting Rooms and Home Cinema.

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Time to turn ‘trying’ into ‘doing’

What’s your motivation for getting things done? The need to do them, or the desire to do so? Is it the fact you can’t bear putting off something for any longer, or the satisfaction from knowing that outstanding thing has now been done? Whatever the driver may be, there’s no ‘try’ involved; just do it, or don’t. Because ‘try’ is a barrier and an obstacle to ‘doing’.


Lack of tools, lack of humour?

Sometimes though, getting something done isn’t that easy. Even all the best intentions to ‘do’ can’t help you if you don’t have the right tools or products to hand. And that’s especially frustrating if you’re responsible for arranging or hosting a meeting, or delivering a lesson or a training session using AV products. It’s just as frustrating for the participants too, whether they’re colleagues, students or apprentices.

The era of ‘doing’

Vivitek helps people skip ‘try’ and takes them right through to ‘do’ with its wide range of visual display and presentation products. That’s because collaboration is at the heart of what we do, as seen through our products’ ease of use, reliability and compatibility with a multitude of devices and content services that people use or have access to today. There’s no ‘trying’ to connect to a projector, or ‘trying’ to find HDMI cables to share, for instance. No ‘trying’ to share content or ideas, because with Vivitek’s solutions, meetings, lessons and training sessions start quickly, and ideas and contributions are shared easily. As there are no interruptions to ‘doing’, people working as a group or individually can get on and get things done quickly.


Learn to achieve more

Examples of Vivitek’s ‘can do’ solutions include its popular NovoConnect hardware solutions – NovoPro, NovoEnterprise, NovoCast and the integrated NovoTouch collaborative touchpanel. They all bring wireless presenting to improve participation, collaboration and idea sharing between meeting hosts and meeting attendees, students and teachers or training groups, to make sessions more engaging and memorable for all participants. All of the NovoConnect solutions enable users to connect to a projector or flat panel display and instantly share content and collaborate to the main screen wirelessly. You can connect effortlessly from tablets, phones or laptops using WiFi, so connecting and sharing content is quick and simple for everyone. And, because of the WiFi connectivity, there’s no ‘trying’ to find HDMI cables to connect devices to the projector – that means there are no interruptions or delays to sessions or activities. This keeps participants engaged from the moment a session starts, while preventing the sort of disruption that often occurs when meetings or classes are delayed.

If you’re keen to put ‘try’ behind you and get on with ‘doing’, then check out Vivitek’s range of digital projection and display products. You’ll see how they incorporate the latest innovations and technologies to help you to get more done, more often.