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Touchless & hybrid meetings – the “new wireless normal”

Although it may seem strange to talk about the setup of a physical meeting room while most of us are bound to their home desks with video conferencing becoming the way to meet, it’s necessary to address the “new normal” once we return to the physical spaces. It’s clear that the pandemic has forced us to reevaluate the needs of a modern meeting room – with wireless connectivity all of a sudden becoming an imperative.

Even though wireless collaboration had already been introduced in 2012, its adoption was still relatively low across the board. And while touchpanels or conferencing systems made their way to some meeting rooms, wireless connectivity – though increasingly desired – was not always top of mind.


The “new wireless normal”

Now, the need for minimal physical contact and less proximity to others has made wireless collaboration the feature to facilitate “touchless meetings.” In a time when we think twice about touching anything or coming close to anyone, imagine being asked to pass the cable around the meeting room to get connected – a faux pas at best!

That’s why technology like Vivitek’s NovoConnect is not just nice-to-have anymore – it’s a must-have if you want your meeting attendees to focus on the meeting and not on whether they have just exposed themselves to the virus. Thanks to wireless connectivity, everything happens directly from your device (mobile, tablet or laptop), from getting connected to the display to collaborating through annotations or highlights on the screen.



How does NovoConnect work?

Thanks to NovoConnect’s wireless collaboration feature, anyone on the same network can join the meeting, so even the remote participants can share their screens. By combining it with your preferred conference system, such as Skype, Zoom, or Teams, it becomes very easy to add sound and video to complete such a hybrid setup. Because NovoConnect features a mix-and-match technology, it offers devices that can connect to existing screens, as well as all-in-one solutions of flat panels or projectors – which is great news for those who already invested in top notch displays.

No matter the configuration, the experience for the user in the meeting room is always the same – you only need to touch your own device to start sharing content. No dongle or other external device needed, though optionally available.


Different ways to NovoConnect


Mirror your Screen
With Screen Mirroring, you just need your smartphone or tablet to share your screen on the main display. Simply, connect your phone or tablet to the Novo device and use the Airplay (for iOS) or Cast (Android) function to connect to the display.


NovoConnect app & web browser login
Click on the app, find the NovoConnect device and connect – that’s all! You can find the NovoConnect app on Google Play and the App Store. The app is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Google devices.


Prefer a laptop?
The NovoConnect Application can be started up directly from your web browser www.launchnovo.com, or if you prefer, just install the executable file and within a few clicks you can start sharing and collaborating with others.


Launchers (optional)
Perfect for guests who cannot access via the web browser. Connect LauncherPlus to the computer to connect to any NovoConnect device via Wi-Fi – just one click, but not touchless.


It is undeniable that one of the consequences of the pandemic is the emergence of wireless collaboration in meeting rooms as an absolute necessity. If your meeting room doesn’t feature such technology, contact info@vivitek.eu to see how NovoConnect can bring your office up to speed.

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