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Unleash your ideas with NovoConnect.


Presenting in public is already stressful as it is. Jerry Seinfeld used to joke (quoting a survey which had the fear of public speaking number one, while the fear of death was third) that at a funeral, most people would rather be the one in the casket than at the podium giving the eulogy. The reality is likely not as drastic, but that doesn’t change the fact that presenting in front of others ranks somewhere between encounters with creepy-crawlies and drowning, among life’s most dubious pleasures.



We’ve all been there. You’re pitching a huge project, and this presentation will decide its fate. It’s almost go-time. You’ve visualized it a thousand times. How you masterfully navigate your audience through the images and data on the screen to leave no doubt as to the viability of your project. Your graphics are really a tour de force. You really went all out on this one, but hey, leave nothing to chance, right?


You get to the venue, start setting up and suddenly you feel that jolt of panic – you can’t connect your computer to the projector. It’s the wrong cable or plug, and you’re starting in 3 minutes. That confidence you just felt has disappeared together with your visual aids. It’s full-on panic mode because those visuals were a game-changer. Oh yeah, and you’re sweating. Profusely. It’s not going to be good.

So many perfect presentations were mercilessly ruined by cables that you can easily consider them public-speaking enemy number one. But let’s face it, this is 2019 and there is no reason for our creativity to be tied down by unnecessary wires. Enter the NovoConnect family of wireless devices. These solutions will not only free you from all the cables, but will help unleash the true potential of visual presentation and collaboration. How? Let me explain.




The NovoConnect range of products offers ad-hoc wireless connectivity and sharing visual content with any group. So, goodbye cables and all the heartbreak you’ve caused! But that’s just the start because this technology can really change the way we present, learn and work together.

Whether you’re in a corporate boardroom, an academic classroom or a huddle room of a startup, the NovoConnect family lets you mix and match devices to give you the optimal effect based on your needs.

But generally, this is how we break down the lineup.



  • NovoTouch – for a fully ready out-of-the-box solution
  • NovoEnterprise – for corporate use
  • NovoPro – for meeting rooms (huddle rooms)
  • NovoCast, NovoPro, and NovoTouch – for education

Pair any of them with the additional Launcher modules for an instant laptop connection and you’ll never have to see a VGA cable again!


But, cables – or rather lack thereof – are just the beginning, because these solutions can really change the nature of your meeting. So, if you thought you could involve your audience only with your words, think again. Or rather read on, because I will show you how a NovoConnect solution can open a slew of new possibilities and take presenting and collaboration to a whole new level.

So, let’s rewind our story with that huge presentation ruined by those pesky cables. Now, you get to the place and you see a NovoTouch on the wall. A smile comes across your face. As you’re opening your briefcase, your laptop falls out and crashes onto the floor. The smile disappears, but only for an instant. In any other setting, this might unsettle you, but you only shrug it off, think of how old the computer was, and connect your presentation to the NovoTouch via your phone (either by downloading our NovoPresenter app or directly through connecting to its built-in WiFi). No need for a little mishap to ruin your day.


The room is full, almost 40 strong plus two board members remotely via real-time streaming. They’re all connecting to the screen (up to 64 devices can wirelessly connect to the NovoTouch). Some brought their iPads, some brought their laptops, and others are clutching their Android phones – no worries and still no cables in sight (thanks to full BYOD support and intuitive connectivity). You’re laser focused.



It’s time to begin. You open with that joke you’ve carefully selected to get things off on a jovial note, and then it’s SHOWTIME! Your presentation begins to dance on the big flat screen. Thanks to its touch technology (20-point Touch Screen, common gesture interactivity and on-screen annotation), the NovoTouch lets you feel like a maestro conducting his masterpiece as you bring up information, add notes, and move around images to help deliver your point. Everything is so smooth and seamless that you begin to think that, actually, this presenting business isn’t half bad.

Then comes the time for some input from the room. Your ideas were very well received but now the four key stakeholder groups of your project want to add their two cents. Nothing easier. Without disrupting the flow of the meeting, you assign each a part of the screen and watch them make additional comments and suggestions to the project. As you discuss the final detail, you incorporate the info from all the screens into the final summary which brings smiles to everyone’s faces. We’ve got consensus, the project is on and it’s high-fives all around. That couldn’t have gone any smoother!


There are only two differences between the scenarios, one of which seems to be pretty crucial – the outcome. The other difference was the technology available… and that happened to directly affect the outcome.

The moral of this story is glaringly obvious. The technology makes all the difference that counts, and the NovoConnect family of products offers a fitting solution for any occasion where visual presenting and collaboration are at play. So, say no more to your creativity getting tangled up in cables. It’s time to unleash the true potential of your meetings with a NovoConnect solution.

Learn more at www.novoconnect.eu/products/, or contact us for a demonstration.