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Wireless Collaboration system checklist – what you need to know before buying

Whenever you’re deciding on buying anything significant for the office, the name of the game is due diligence. When you’re choosing a wireless presentation system the stakes are much higher because, believe me, overlooking any security or integration-into-your-network aspect will be a death blow to your investment. Luckily, we’ve put together a checklist of all the crucial things to consider before you make this very important purchase.




Security above all else, because if a system isn’t secure, it’s game over. There is too much at stake to jeopardize the integrity of your network and data. For instance, you want a Dual Network feature to separate guests from employees. But it is a broad subject with a couple of things to consider.


  • Encryption
    Your network and your wireless collaboration system must employ solid, dependable encryption, and that means using AES-256. This is the top of the line, impenetrable to brute force attacks and used by the American military.

  • No user downloads or open USB ports
    It’s important to understand that many organizations adhere to very strict security protocols which prohibit any downloads and prevent employees from using their USB ports to upload data. That’s why you should pay attention to whether your system can overcome such obstacles with a well encrypted Wi-Fi and secure system architecture.




How simple will it be to connect to the system, and will everyone be able to? These are the questions you have to ask if you want your meetings to get off to a smooth start. To ensure that, you want your system to have multiple ways of connecting – using a Software App, Mobile App, web browser, or USB device to launch the wireless connection. And don’t forget to check that you choose a system that is compatible with pretty much everything out there.


  • Compatibility
    Although you can predict what OS your staff is running, you probably won’t have that luxury when it comes to guests. That’s why you need a solution that’s compatible with all the major systems out there, like Apple, Windows or Linux.

  • BYOD
    Speaking of guests, you also have to account for the fact that they will bring not only laptops, so your system better be able to handle mobile devices just as well. That’s why your presentation system must feature the convenience of Bring Your Own Device technology which makes connecting a breeze, even use it with Airplay, Miracast or GoogleCast.


Functionality and ease of use


We live in a world where regardless of the merits of your solution, if the user experience is not up to scratch, you may as well stick a fork in it. Another thing to consider are the functionalities that a wireless presentation system may or may not offer that will weigh heavily on your meeting experience.


  • Simple is the word
    From connecting to switching presenters and all the way through even the interface, everything must be simple and user-friendly. It should also support multiple presenters so that time’s not wasted switching between presenters and connections.

  • System functionalities
    4-way split-screen, connecting up to 64 participants, and on-screen annotations from the presenter’s device are just some of the functionalities that are expected these days from wireless presentation systems. You should do your research to make sure that beyond just wireless collaboration, the system does what you need it to do.


Management and scalability


At this point, it also won’t hurt to think about your technical team who will be running this system, that’s why for starters, you want a system that can be easily integrated with any existing networks.


  • Remote management
    The best systems are those that can be managed remotely from the company’s IT desk. You can’t have your systems administrator running up and down the office just to monitor the different systems.


  • Scalability
    The perfect system will be able to seamlessly grow together with your company and its needs. After all, every time you grow out of your conference room, you don’t want to be scrapping the old system and starting over. You want a system that you can add onto as your needs expand.


NovoConnect checks all the boxes


Finally, there is a wireless collaboration system out there which not only checks all these boxes but goes beyond presentation and collaboration. It’s NovoConnect! First of all, it’s very flexible and it can take different forms depending on your needs. It can be an All-in-One solution like in a NovoTouch, NovoDisplay, or a NovoProjector, or an add-on to an already existing display like an NC-1000 NovoCast, NC-X300, NC-X700, or NC-X900. What pushes all the NovoConnect solutions beyond just collaboration is their integrated Digital Signage functionality which transforms idle screens into digital announcement boards. The flagship solution is the 55-inch NovoDisplay, also known as a digital signage master. It can be used in both classic landscape and portrait mode.


Let us show how you can adapt a Vivitek NovoConnect solution to any meeting space regardless of size or purpose, or even if you want to retrofit existing displays with wireless collaboration. To book a demo please contact info@vivitek.eu.